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Friday, April 17, 2015

Seoul Fashion Week OOTD (part 1)

Hi, my sweeties! Last month, I went to Seoul for Fashion Week. It was great to be back in Korea, because I feel at home there. Normally, I do a lot of posing for street style, but this time of the year, it was kind of chilly and I enjoyed the events by staying inside, running from show to show. 
But sometimes, I went out and showed off my outfits. Finally, one photographer sent to me some of his pictures. I was dressed a little bit in gothic style with pop-up pink sunglasses and blue shoes. For this day, I decided to wear my designer friend's piece CG_ Atelier that he created last season. Since it was chilly, I wore a striped dress underneath, along with skinny pants. For accessories, I picked Polette eyewear, a Susanna Galanis necklace and a Ms Little Bag.
     One-piece | here     Necklace | here     Eyewear | here     Bag | here

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring 2015: Hawkster Style

Hello, my dears! I hope you had a fantastic day! Today, I'm wearing a sweater from my friend who made it by hand in New York! Yeah Hawkster Life. This sweater is my favorite because of the front pockets. I guess the pockets appeal to my habit of always carrying around my cell phone.  Anyway, I decided to wear something more casual for this shoot, so I can put some attention on this fun sweater. I was hoping that denim shorts and high heeled sandals would capture a New Yorker's city style. Let me know what do you think!
Sweater | here   Shorts | here   Sandals | here

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring 2015: Mini Dress for going out

Guys, I have exciting news for you.  This week I am running a new giveaway! Stay tuned and find out what I have for you!
I decided to create something to wear for a party night.  It's not really connected to Monday, but this beautiful dress from Style Moi brought back memories of when I used to party all night. If you didn't know, I met my future husband at the club. Who knows, maybe it is your turn to meet your future dream guy on the dance floor? This dress is definitely going to bring you some attention. 
The striped Jacket from Asos is probably my favorite item of the month. It works great to keep you warm at night. For some sass, I picked blue sandals from Tobi. Would you wear this dress for a night out?
Dress | here     Blazer | here     Sandals | here    Jewels | here

Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring 2015: Elegance Overloaded

Hello, my sweeties! I hope you had an amazing weekend! Here is another photo session from my stay in Seoul. This shoot was done with photographer Olga Lian.  We thought to create something elegant and at same time fun. A beautiful and luxurious pearl necklace from Susanna Galanis worked pretty well for this photo shoot. Red lipstick and red sandals captured the strong sexuality of the formless oversized jumpsuit. Daniel Wellington watches are the best way to stay super classy. 
Overall | here   Necklace | here  Sandals | here  Watch | here