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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Endless Winter: Pastel Blue

Hi, my sweeties! Since our winter is endless, I decided to create another spring outfit. Everybody loves pastel colors, because they create a feminine and romantic image. But not everybody knows how to combine them. My most beloved color among all pastels is sky blue. Before, I thought that the best combination for pastel blue was other pastel colors like white, beige or pale pink. However, I was wrong, and now I am trying different colors that open my eyes to new ways. This time, I used a contrasting color like royal blue (or we also call it electric blue). I paired my Forever 21 turtleneck sweater in sky blue with a vibrant blue Sheinside midi skirt. An electric blue hue will not let you go unnoticed. I choice to add cool sandals and bright clutch to spruce it up even more.
Skirt | here    Sweater | here     Sandals | here     Clutch | here

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oscar Outfit Idea

Most of you probably chilled by your TVs watching the Oscars last weekend. All social media is just exploding by showing us the best dressed celebrities. To be honest, we don't have TV (I mean we have a TV, but we don't have a cable). I'm not complaining about it since time is a precious commodity. My husband and I would rather be doing stuff instead of loafing all day, mindlessly watching car commercials and soap operas. Despite not having cable, we keep up with events, which brings me to this outfit.  My ideas here is that I am dressing as if I was going to the Oscars as one of the beautiful celebrities (hehe). 

Last week I got 2 intricately gorgeous dresses from Felice Fabric, and I thought this mint lacy dress works perfectly for pretending to be on the red carpet. A Fur Coat always looks luxurious with pretty dresses. It is a great combination to look wealthy. Most celebrities don't wear outwear, but since I'm playing one, it means I can wear whatever I want to stand out, and be on the list of "Best Dressed on the Red Carpet!"
Dress | here     Fur Coat | here    Sandals | here

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

London Fashion Week : Outfit Inspiration

Hi, my dears! Today, I decided to create a London Fashion Week outfit, as if I was there. One of my friends is in London right now and I'm seeing her pictures of street style, which are inspiring me to think about what I would wear if I was able to attend as well. British style is always associated with classical and elegance, as well as monochrome and minimal style.  What's better when looking to dress chic than by wearing black and white? I love the simplicity of black and white.

I chose to pair one of new dress/blazer | Sheinside with classic pants Forever 21. As for footwear, I picked my favorite sandals from Tobi. I accessorized with my new Samsung NX300 camera. Perfect for getting those perfect Fashion Week shots! What you would wear for London Fashion Week?
Dress/ Blazer | here   Pants | here  Sandals | here