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Monday, January 26, 2015

Elegant Monday

Today, I would love to talk about the uniqueness and versatility of black. When I lived back home in Kazakhstan, black clothing was a regular wear for every day. And to be honest, I always hated when people were wearing black all the time. I thought that it looked a bit boring and depressing, with everybody looking similar. After living in Europe and South Korea, I learned how to wear colorful and mixed items, because it gave me the emotions of feeling happy and fresh. Nowadays, living in the US, I'm back to choosing elegant black clothes again. However, this time, I pick very carefully what I want to wear! Everybody knows that black makes everybody look amazing, slimmer and super classic. 

To not look monotonous, I always pay attention to fabrics, texture and accessories. For total black, I wore a black blazer with ruffle hem | Yoins and skinny pants | Nordstrom Rack. For accessories, I chooe my statement sunglasses and tote bag byYoins.
Blazer | here       Pants | here       Bag | here     Tatoo | here

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Where do you go to find your seasonal inspiration?

Hi, my lovelies! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! It has been raining all day here.  How is the weather in your home town?

Since Virginia winter is not really true "winter" weather (based on my home of Kazakhstan!), I think today's outfit is perfect for spring season, and even fall when the time comes. Even though we're still in January, it's never too early to start searching for inspiration for the spring. I chose to wear one of my new mini dress | Sheinside  (I really like it because of simplicity and long sleeves), a long trench coat | Style Moi (one of my best buys of January) and a snake printed tote bag | Yoins (such a statement piece).  When I first assembled everything together, I felt like something was missing in this elegant look. To create a stylish flair, I added a fedora hat, overknee socks and heavy boots. Any thoughts? Where do you go to find your seasonal inspiration? 
Dress | here  Coat | here  Bag | here  Hat | Forever 21

Friday, January 23, 2015

What to wear for Valentine's Day

Hi, guys! It might be a bit early to talk about Valentine's day, but it is always better to be prepared. In my opinion, a shopping spree at Victoria's Secret is the best gift for both of you! Ladies feel happy, because they get their favorite brand lingeries and men are satisfied later at night (hehe).

Anyway, after a little shopping at Victoria's Secret, I was inspired to style something elegant, vivid and casual for Valentine's dinner with your loved one. My new pink blazer from Fashion Frenzzie was a perfect choice to look super stylish and attractive. I'm a person who loves comfortable clothing, I picked a pair of boyfriend jeans | Blackfive with a white blouse to keep it casual and simple. As for shoes, I chose animal printed sandals by Steve Madden. I have a special story of how I got these shoes. When I was in Seattle, I visited the Crossroads store, where you can buy and sell brands. It was quite a great experience because I was able to sell some of my items and in exchange I got a pair of new Steve Madden sandals. I was lucky to find these sandals in super great condition. They looked like they had never been worn. I was quite surprised how many people come there to buy and sell their items. I'm thinking that next time, I must visit them again ;) What about you?! Did you ever sell your unused/ used clothes? And where? (leave your comment below, I would love to know your top secrets).

Blazer | here      Jeans | here      Watch | here      Sandals | here